Hao Production

Our Commitments

  • Hao Food SG is committed to treating everyone with respect and dignity.
  • We celebrate diverse perspectives with inclusivity and provide a safe workplace environment.
  • We welcome feedback and will pay attention to improve our products and service.

Our Dedicated Team


Dave has directed several short films and documentaries. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Dave’s work as a producer of two feature films was disrupted. Being a visionary, he quickly foresaw and reacted to the need for supplies in the medical industry. Dave, with an undaunting entrepreneurial spirit and passion for food, also founded Hao Food SG

Dave with his strong business network, aims for Hao Food SG to become a distributor of high-quality products and seasonal goods in Singapore and the regions. Besides bringing in the popular White Rabbit Ice Cream and its merchandise into the market, various products and seasonal treats are in the pipeline.

In 2020, Dave with a heart to serve the local community, organized a charity concert to raise funds for Ren Ci Hospital in Singapore. On top of that, he performed alongside singers, Jeff Chang, David Tao, and Joanna Dong.


Lydia as a Director of Hao Food SG is responsible for product sourcing, business development, marketing, content creation and creative direction. She is also an author, media personality and entrepreneur.

Her travel book, “Go Busan” was ranked No.1 in the Travel genre and top 10 of the Top100 best-selling books on Books.com.tw. It was released in Eslite and Kingstone in Taiwan, and in Kinokuniya and Popular in Singapore and Malaysia. As a media personality, Lydia created content for and collaborated with brands, and hosted live streaming sessions in the food, beauty, and fashion industries. In 2015, Lydia was nominated for Best Screenplay Writer at a microfilm competition (金鷹獎) in Taiwan.

In 2019, Lydia founded a start-up bringing a popular European health & beauty supplement together with her own products into Singapore. She led the R&D team for product creation and helmed the Marketing & Sales from packaging design to creating awareness and product launch both offline and online via various Ecommerce channels.

Lydia with her wealth of experience aspires to build a strong brand presence for Hao Food SG. She is determined to source high-quality products and to maximize her expertise working with offline and online channels to reach the Singapore market and the regions.

Mission and Vision


We are reliable in bringing superior products to our customers with excellent service.

We are dedicated to listen and interact with our customers to exceed their expectations.



To be known as a forward thinker and market leader, sensitive to market demands and meeting the needs of our customers locally and in the region.

About Hao Food SG

In 2010, Dave Fu founded a successful events management and production house.

His love of food led him to start international trading, food importation and distribution as Hao Food SG.

Today, Hao Food is a supplier of good quality food products carefully selected to meet the needs and requests of fellow food lovers.

Being a food enthusiast and having the spirit of determination meant the Hao Food SG team led by both Dave Fu and Lydia Kuan, would conquer all odds to make wishes happen, even if this meant transporting produce from thousands and thousands of miles across the globe.

Now, you can enjoy hairy crabs from Yangcheng Lake and Hallabong oranges from the shores of Jeju Island with just one click.

Our pursuit of exceptional experiences is what drives us, because we want you to have that experience.